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Don’t Just Work, Work Your Career

Over time, even the most promising professional can get stuck in neutral. My mission is to help leaders (we are all leaders) achieve their full potential.  As a result, I am a business and leadership coach.  Here, I write on all aspects of active career management.  
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5 Learning Modules designed around key topics of interest. Different tracks are outlined in the syllabus.

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Career and leadership articles, tools, resources, and personal assessments that you can use on your own time and at your pace.

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Sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words. These video shorts answer specific questions you have asked, as quickly as possible.

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Dedicated to help you not just work, but work your career. If you are on the go, download and listen at your leisure.

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Executive Coaching

I’m looking for an executive coach that will provide hands-on instruction, feedback and counseling to help me move my career and business forward. I need someone who will check in with me on a regular basis!

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"Diahann is a wonderful resource and an expert in assisting highly motivated professionals focused on growing their career. Diahann has the experience and instincts to provide thoughtful guidance in helping any professional expand their ability to effectively produce results. She is creative, analytical, professional and personable at every step. I highly recommend Diahann to any professional motivated to reach the next level." ~ Jonathan


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